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Let me introduce myself.  My name is Carlene.

I have been a care provider in a wide range of audiences for over 30 years.  From infants to adults and seniors.  Mental health issues, physical barriers and Medical barriers are challenges I have faced with my clients.  It has given me the pleasure of experiencing a world most do not even understand.  

Thankfully early in my career someone taught me that I am the product, the service that people are paying for.  If I did not ensure my own wellness and health, then I was not going to be an asset to anyone who REQUIRED my services.

Through time I have became aware of burnout signs, tools and techniques to ensure I am in the best possible health to provided everyone of my clients the best of ME!

The COVID lifestyle has affected us all.  Every worker who has been in the face of this is a frontline worker.  From Teachers, Healthcare Workers, Civil Workers, Retail Clerks and Transport Providers. 

So, lets start the discussion on how it has affected each of us.  

You are amazing for putting yourself out there.  If I may speak for the community around you, Thank You, for doing your part in ensuring our safety and keeping us going.

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