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Strengthen Our Community

At LuckeLife Society, we understand the challenges that families in crisis face due to poverty and other societal issues. We committed to connecting with community leaders, partnerships, and investors to provide direct services to these families. Our income from retreats also goes towards supporting families in need. We believe that poverty is not a crime, and we are dedicated to helping families navigate daily living and address mental health issues and trauma within home.

LuckeLife Society provides direct youth mental health services with 1 to1 support for families We work with multiple funders to ensure efficient and timely delivery of services. Unfortunately, due to backlogs in funding agencies, many children and families in need are waiting on waitlists for over 6 months to receive approval and up to another 6 months to receive funding.

Direct Youth Services

Family Workshops

LuckeLife Society is dedicated to helping families overcome the barriers they face in today's society. We offer weekly workshops that provide families with the tools they need to increase their and independence when faced with obstacles. Join us and take the first step towards a brighter future for you and your loved ones.


LuckeLife Society is dedicated to tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis in British Columbia by collaborating with provincial and federal governments. The Greater Vancouver Area requires a monthly income of $6000 for families to afford basic necessities such as housing, groceries, clothing, medical items, and transportation. Unfortunately, most families with a monthly income of $2100, which is the minimum wage, struggle to make ends. LuckeLife Society aims to secure external funding to support housing projects and alleviate this crisis.

Community Wellness

LuckeLife Founder Carlene Lucke, who grew up in a small in northern BC, is dedicated to promoting wellness in our communities. At LuckeLife Society, we believe that we are only as strong our weakest member, and it is crucial extend a helping hand to those in need Our staff is committed to building a network of services and leaders to foster a community of care and support.
Contact us at to Join in our network or how you can participate.
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